While at Geocaching HQ

Find the Geocaching HQ Geocache (GCK25B)

In 2004, the official Geocaching Headquarters geocache (GCK25B) was placed in the downtown office for guests and geocachers to discover. Over the last 12 years, the geocache has lived in four different locations, now residing at the newest office in the Fremont neighborhood. Geocaching Co-Founder Bryan Roth said the geocache was placed so that everyone at HQ could stay connected to the community. “Geocachers were already stopping by the office before we placed the geocache” said Bryan. “We felt that adding an official HQ Geocache would enhance the experience and help create an environment where geocachers always feel welcome.”


Photo Booth

Say cheese!

At Geocaching HQ, we do things a little bit differently and the geocache is no different. Sign the logbook and add your photo to the GCK25B photo logbook. Grab your friends, snag a few props, and hop into our free photo booth to capture your visit at HQ. Two strips of photos will print: one for you and one for the official photo album.



When you've found the GCK25B geocache inside our Visitor's Center, you'll also discover dozens of trackables waiting to move on to their next adventure. If you'd like to drop your trackable off at Geocaching HQ, we strongly recommend that you print and laminate your trackable's mission and securely attach it to your trackable. This way, future visitors will be able to read the mission and help your trackable reach its goal.


HQ Museum

A visit to Geocaching HQ guarantees you'll discover some epic trackables and Travel Bug®  trackables that only few have seen. Each unique trackable's page can tell you more about Geocaching’s history from its humble beginnings in 2000 to the worldwide hobby it is today.

Unique items on display at HQ include:

  • ISS Travel Bug: The first Travel Bug to visit space and the International Space Station.

  • CITO Designs: Limited edition Cache In Trash Out®  (CITO) shirts on display. How many of these do you have in your closet?

  • JEEP Trackables: Discover these unique and rare trackables, see their contest photos, and earn a unique trackable icon.

  • Past Lackey Geocoins: Whether you're new to the game or a veteran, you can discover retired Lackey geocoins from years past and see how our employees have grown from just 3 in 2000 to 75 in 2017.


HQ Store

Whether you're shopping for much needed geocaching supplies or on the hunt for exclusive HQ items, scheduling a visit to HQ is the right move. During your visit to HQ, you'll get to shop in our HQ store that’s packed with geocaching supplies for all your hiding, finding, and swag swapping needs. For the collectors, the HQ store also offers a few exclusive items that can't be found anywhere else! Unfortunately, the gift shop does not carry all of the items that are available online at Shop Geocaching. The HQ store accepts cash and all major credit cards.


Nearby Activities


HQ GeoTour

Enjoy “The Geocacher’s Guide to the Center of Our Universe.” Created for HQ visitors by Geocaching HQ employees, this GeoTour takes you to our favorite spots in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. The geocaches are within walking distance and are available year-round. Print a passport at home to keep track of your progress or pick one up when you visit HQ. The entire walking GeoTour takes 2 to 2.5 hours to complete. Learn More


Fremont Troll

If you complete the HQ GeoTour, you'll inevitably find yourself at the base of this iconic Seattle statue: the Fremont Troll. Created in 1990, the Fremont Troll under the bridge was inspired by the Scandinavian fairy tale Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Learn More


Waiting for the interurban

Often decorated for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or sports rivalries, the infamous Waiting for the Interurban statue found just outside our building is the first sight to be seen when entering the Fremont neighborhood. Learn More


Theo’s Chocolate Factory

Visit this local chocolate factory and take a tour. This is a must-see for chocolate lovers (aka everyone) and those looking for ultra-personal gifts from Seattle. Be sure to pre-schedule your tour as they are often quite busy. Learn More


Woodland Park Zoo

A bit farther up the road from us is the famed Woodland Park Zoo. Known for “creating revolutionary naturalistic exhibits,” the Woodland Park Zoo is a wonderful family friendly activity and is located only a 5 minute drive (or 30 minute uphill walk) from our office. Learn More


archie mcphee

In need of some geoswag and gag gifts? There's no better place to find everything weird and wacky than Archie McPhee just north of our neighborhood. You'll thank us later for this recommendation. Seriously. Learn More